The society of pirates was governed by only a few rules. It was a basic, simple democracy that demanded justice and rights of the individual and a life of freedom. Sometimes cruel and brutal characters, pirates appealed to something deep in the oppressed soul of the common man: the lure of adventure over the horizon, the promise of a different tomorrow, the dream of breaking out of the trap of human mediocrity. Piradical™ Original Pirate Gear, an aggressive clothing line of bold seafarers and warriors captures the true raw pirate spirit.

Piradical features the artwork of the well known artist, Michael Apice. These designs grasp the growing interest and obsession with everything pirate. Every piece of Piradical™ Original Pirate Gear, features a one-of-a kind incredible design.

Come Aboard and taste the adventure of sailing the high seas of life. And join us in the opportunity to add Piradical™ Original Pirate Gear to your wardrobe.

Robert Washington, World Class body  builder
World Class Body Builder Robert Washington wearing Piradical™ Sportswear.

At this time we have a limited supply of shirts and bandannas in stock. If you would like information on prices and ordering please contact us by phone or email and we will respond quickly.





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